From businesses to residential clients, Tri-County Computer Network continues to provide ongoing support that exceed expectations. Please read on to learn how we have helped people just like you enjoy the benefits of our expertise. Give us a call at (610) 827-7300 to discuss your needs and to set up an appointment. We look forward to making things happen for you.  

Bible Standard Ministries

Chester Springs PA 

“We have used the services of Tri-County Computer Network for three years with much benefit. Ray has set up new computers for us, including laptops. We have our on site server which he has been able to keep us up to date and running as we have need. Ray is a valuable tool in keeping us up and running.”


Phoenixville, PA

“I have been utilizing the services of Ray Heston and Tri-County Computer Network, Inc. for about ten years. Ray’s attention to detail and service is unmatched in my surrounding area. He is prompt, informative, and instructive when servicing your equipment, and best of all, Ray’s charges for service are reasonable.”

Our Success Stories

Lee S. Johnson, Jr.

President, Lee S. Johnson Associates Inc.

“Our agency has been using Tri-County Computer Network for over 5 years and we are very pleased with their professionalism, service and costs. Ray is very quick to respond to any problems we have and he has always been able to fix any issues correctly the first time. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business or household that has any computer issues.”

Marilyn M.

“My husband and I have been using TCN for all our computer needs for the past five years. Once we brought in Ray Heston to solve our computer problems, we never had the need to try any other company. Ray’s service is polite and dependable. What we realize is that no one else in this business knows the “ins and outs” of computers the way he does. We have not yet had a problem he could not solve. In addition, his recommendations for what to do, what kinds of products are dependable (worth what they cost), and how to correct basic problems – are all excellent. We like the way TCN facilitates learning more about computer usage. Ray is helpful in giving instruction and helping the owner learn how to manage his/her own computer. We believe that TCN is an excellent resource and beneficial to everyone who uses its services.”

Technology Company



“When my old computer crashed and there was no way I could get to my documents, I thought they were gone forever. However, Ray Heston saved the day!  He was able to get them and put them on a flash drive for me.  Thank you, Ray.”​